ati radeon 8500 dvi digital?

ati radeon 8500 dvi digital?

Post by mike » Thu, 26 Dec 2002 05:34:05

i posted this yesterday to linux.redhat.install, but thought this
might be a better place to ask.

greetings friends,

i am trying to find out if it is possible to enable the radeon 8500 to
send a digital signal through its DVI out in linux/xfree86.

my display setup is:
ATI RADEON 8500 64M retail

the samsung 170T can display in analog mode but the display is hard to
adjust and also carries visible flicker.(the digital signal gives a
very clean image onscreen without any adjustment needed).

under windows98 and windows XP the ATI driver sends a digital as well
as analog signal through the DVI connector, so i know everything
works, hardware-wise anyway.

i have downloaded and installed ATI's X driver rpm and ran the config
script that came with it but it didn't accomplish what i wanted.  the
driver rpm also installed a small applet that allows you to pass
arguments to the card, but i don't know what that argument might be.

my system:

redhat 8.0 + patches
amd athlon xp 1800
soyo dragon+ (onboard c-media sound and via 10/100nic)
ati radeon 8500 64mb retail
ide hdd grubbing win98 / rh8.0

i heartily extend my thanks in advance for any help you could give me.



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I have used Ati Radeon VE in RedHat 7.7 + 2.4.7 ... 2.4.10 kernel.
I can get any desired resolution and refresh rate  from VGA connector and
also from analog port of the dvi port. I upgrades Xfree to 4.1.0.

I try to use a TFT panel with DVI-i input. From Radeon I can't get any
DIGITAL signal from the DVI-I port.

Has someone succeeded?

TFT panel is LG Flatron 885LE 1280x1024. (In windows the digital port gives
very nice picture). I also tried Redhat7.2, but same effect ;(

:) Thanks in advance,
Kari N.

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