X windows positioning problem on a Viglen laptop

X windows positioning problem on a Viglen laptop

Post by Michael Burre » Mon, 06 May 2002 04:38:15

I have recently installed Red Hat 7.2 on a Viglen Laptop

14.1" TFT running at 1024 X 768
Sis 630 graphical adapter 8Mb, shared ram

The problem i am experiencing is that linux displays correcly (in the
center of the screen) all the way through the setup and then through
boting but once X Windows starts the display is centered incorrecly.
it is about 3 inchess to the right and about 2 inches too low on the
laptop display. the display seems to be drawn corectly just drawn way
off center.

I have tried changing the settings that are avaialble through setup
but nothing has made any difference to this point.

Been a new linux user i would much aperciate any help or suggestions
that anyone could voulenter.




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