I found it! (Was: Upgraded to kernel 2.4.3, now X freezes my machine)

I found it! (Was: Upgraded to kernel 2.4.3, now X freezes my machine)

Post by Francois Labrequ » Sun, 06 May 2001 23:30:47

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I found what my problem was: X was freezing while probing for my
videocard (S3 Trio3D).  I still don't know why it would work properly
with 2.2.14, though.

I had to specify the videochip, ramdac and clockchip in XF86Config to
work around it.

Now everything works.  Yay!
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1. Upgraded to kernel 2.4.3, now X freezes my machine...

And when I mean "freeze", I mean FREEZE.  The screen goes black, CAPS
LOCK and NUM LOCK no longer work, network card stops transmitting,
etc...  I even have to hold the power button for 15 seconds to get my PC
to turn off.

Everything works flawlessly in text-mode, though.

Do I need to recompile something else?  Get a newer version of XF86?
Revert to 2.2?

I'm using X 3.3.6 that came with Caldera 2.4, if that helps.
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