Icons, Icon veiwer and Icon converter

Icons, Icon veiwer and Icon converter

Post by Daniel Sz » Sat, 11 Mar 1995 18:23:20

Dear Newsgroup,

Looking for the following:

*  Sites and directories for icons that I can use in the toolbar when setting
    up new buttons in X
* An icon viewer for linux and I heard that you are able to get an icon
  converter from somewhere which allows you to convert icons from a Windows
  format *.ico to a format in X

Thank you to all.



1. IE5 "favourites" icons when bookmarking, was Re: Explorer 5 icon

(I'm taking the initiative of moving this part of the thread to

For new readers: this is about IE5's observed habit, when someone
bookmarks /path/to/something, of requesting /path/to/favicon.ico and
when it doesn't find it, then requesting /favicon.ico from the document
root directory.  With the resulting '404' errors in the server's access
and error logs.  And what to do about it.

"Now read on"  ;-)

I've done a few experiments here, although it's quite a struggle, once
IE5 has retrieved one of these icons, to persuade it to try again; it
seems to cache them away in some secret hideyhole that is not cleared
by clearing the cache _or_ the history list.  Anyhow...

I'm coming to the conclusion that in this particular context, if IE5
gets a redirection status in response to the request for
/path/to/favicon.ico, it gives that attempt up, and immediately looks
for /favicon.ico instead.

Can anyone confirm or refute this observation, please?

I had thought that configuring an error document, say something like

<Files favicon.ico>
ErrorDocument 404 http://www.what.ever/some-other-path/any-browser.ico

would mean that in any directory where an icon had not been explicitly
provided, the first attempt would get redirected to some pre-selected
icon (not necessarily the one used for the document root).  I had hoped
in this way to avoid multiple copies of the thing getting cached in
proxies etc.  However, this doesn't seem to be effective:  as I say, my
observations are suggesting that they abandon the retrieval if the
server returns a redirection (I tried both 302 and 301 status).

There's an HTML-based solution described at the MS site:

<LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" href="/some-other-path/any-browser.ico">

and this works (and seems harmless enough), as long as this is specified
in the head of every relevant document.  Any non-doc-root documents that
don't have that would (a) cut an error record for the first attempt and
then (b)  fetch the document root's favicon.ico, assuming there was one.

Adapting the above formula to perform a shortcut rather than an external

<Files favicon.ico>
ErrorDocument 404 /some-other-path/any-browser.ico

will get the icon to the browser OK without a server error being logged,
right?  But these objects will then all be appearing under different
URLs, so I guess multiple instances of them are going to get cached in
proxies, agreed?

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