Anyone able to get XFree to work on SMI EM graphics cards

Anyone able to get XFree to work on SMI EM graphics cards

Post by Dave Spel » Mon, 13 Mar 2000 04:00:00


I need help configuring X for my HP Omnibook XE2 notebook.  It has a Silicon
Motion LynxE graphics controller with 2MB RAM and an Integrated RAMDAC.

I tried installing X on it under RedHat 6.1, but it always came up in a
low-res 320x200x256 mode, said it only recognized a generic adapter with an
unknown controller, and didn't display anything other than the correct
"blue" background.  When I moved the mouse, I saw something like
cross-hairs, but didn't really see much else.

The release notes for the newest version of XFree (at that time) said that
3.3.6  supported the LynxE, but after installing it, the same thing happend.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.




1. SMI Lynx EM and EM+

While installing RH7.0 I found out the following:

SMI Lynx EM and EM+ cards are supposed to be recognised and are indeed
present in the card database of Xfree86-4.01.

If you choose your card as Lynx EM or EM+ however, X will not configure
with any combination of screens/resolutions.

Choose the regular SMI Lynx and voila.....problem solved.

Config: Gateway 2550SE with PIII-450, 96Mb and SMI Lynx  EM card with 4Mb
on an LCD screen of 800X600


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