CorelOffice for Java & appletviewer

CorelOffice for Java & appletviewer

Post by Robert Lync » Sun, 10 Nov 1996 04:00:00

For what it's worth (and, I hope, not a FAQ)... trying to have a look at
the Corel Office for Java demo using Netscape is a no-no on my system,
no matter how I jiggle my libs, I just get freezes or crashes.

However, I AM able to play with it using:


then clicking on the start bar: "Launch Office".

One must be patient, however, if like me one only has a 28.8K
connection.  Nothing much will happen for 3-4 minutes while a lot of
class files are downloaded, then Corel Office will hopefully spring to

It's very slick and impressive, if a bit clunky and slow.  But I think
that will improve in future.


Bob L.


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