Post by John Jacque » Sat, 27 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hello can anyone help me fix this? I installed slackware 7.0 and the kde
fonts cannot be resized. Also, when I exit kde there are many "KCHARSET:
wrong charset!" error messages. The same errors accur if I run an X
application in a kde terminal window. The programs appear to run fine, a
bit slow, and no control over the fonts.

I tried fontconfig, but, it didn't have any effect except for the
terminal windows. Also I tried the kde control center, but, nothing
changed either.



1. StarOffice 5 /KDE error message: "KCharset: Wrong charset!" ??

I am having problems with fonts in general, but specifically try to
get StarOffice 5 to start up. It installed ok and I was able to enter
my user info and then it (StarOffice) locked up.
When I checked the xterm login screen, the following message was there
-- I've seen it there before but it hasn't caused me any  _major_
difficulties 'til now.
"KCharset: Wrong charset!"

Running RedHat 5.1 with all updates with an ATI video card.
Any help or suggestions appreciated.

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