Motif binary compat.

Motif binary compat.

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When I last looked at Motif on Linux two years ago, dynamically-linked
executables were not compatible across Motif vendors (even though the
functionality was the same) As I recall it, some wanted binary
compatibilty to be standarized during the transition from a.out to

Are dynamically-linked Motif executables compatible between the
various Motif libraries under Linux? If not, are there any plans by
Motif vendors to achieve compatibility in the near future?


1. Help - problem running MOTIF binary on non-MOTIF Solairs 2.3

We don't have MOTIF quite yet - but when I run a binary of Mosaic 2.1 on
our system I get:-

     Name: menubar
     Class: XmRowColumn
     Illegal mnemonic character;  Could not convert X KEYSYM to a keycode

I put a load of osf Keyborad definitions in:-

 potter<133> fgrep osf /usr/lib/X11/XKeysymDB | head -5
 osfCopy                 :1004FF02
 osfCut                  :1004FF03
 osfPaste                :1004FF04
 osfBackTab              :1004FF07
 osfBackSpace            :1004FF08

and this includes an "osfMenuBar" entry:-

 potter<126> osfMenuBar              :1004FF45

Do anyone know what is causing this Warning: - I assume since it mentions
"Could not convert X KEYSYM to a keycode" I need something else in the
/usr/lib/X11/XKeysymDB file or another file.
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