XFree86 3.2A fixes Mach64 problems!

XFree86 3.2A fixes Mach64 problems!

Post by Phil Ptkwt Krist » Fri, 04 Apr 1997 04:00:00

For once I'm not asking a question here, but posting information that
someone will hopfully find useful.

I've got a ATI Mach64 video card.  Under the XFree86 3.1.2G beta I had
netscape running fine.  After upgrading to the 3.2 release (had to because
of the timeout) I had nothing but trouble with netscape crashing (yeah, I
know about the libgnumalloc trick, that wasn't the problem it would
acutally crash X!).  I played with various settings, etc but no luck.  I
also had problems when I ran Lyx on another machine with the display set
to the machine with the Mach64 card - this also crashed X windows.

I just about gave up and considered buying MetroX.  Today I downloaded the
XFree86 3.2A beta and installed it.  I've been able to run java applets in
netscape reliably (its been running something in the next window for about
15minutes now) for the first time since January!  Also was able to run Lyx
from the other machine with the display set to the Mach64 machine without

Hope this helps anyone who was having a similar problem.



1. Mach64 (was Re: Announcing XFree86[TM] Beta Version 3.1.2A)

So does this mean that this should solve the problem with ATI's 'new'
chip added this summer? I have a new ATI Mach64 (Expression - I think!) with
1Mb DRAM. If I install the new Mach64 Server, should it now work? Do I need to
install any of the other beta stuff or can I get away with just the server?


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