PPP Problems continued.

PPP Problems continued.

Post by dAVE » Tue, 19 Aug 1997 04:00:00

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1. PPP problems continue ...

I wrote to this newsgroup before regarding a problem with user ppp and
its habit of hanging from time to time.  The symptom is a connection in
which the modem remains connected to the ISP but one for which no IP
packets will be received or delivered to the outside world.  The same
ISP works quite well if the same machine (a Dell 200 MHz M200s machine)
is booted with Windows 95.

Brian suggested obtaining the latest version of iij-ppp from him, as
well as upgrading my FreeBSD system from 2.1.0.

I have upgraded to FreeBSD 2.2.1 and have built iij-ppp version 971014
from the sources he kindly provided on www.freebsd.org.  Unfortunately,
the problem still persists, although it doesn't seem to occur as often.

This behavior is independent of the vjcomp and pred1 settings.

I also noticed from the log files that, once the connection hangs, it
is difficult to terminate the connection.  When the "close" command
is given from interactive mode, ppp makes up to four attempts to ter-
minate the connection before it succeeds and the modem goes on hook.
The routing table is also only partially cleared.  If the connection
is working properly, the "close" command clears the routing table of
all entries except the loopback pair.

The most recent hung connection took place with the following settings:

Name            My Side         His Side
vjcomp          disable         deny
lqr             disable         deny
chap            disable         accept
pap             disable         accept
acfcomp         enable          accept
protocomp       enable          accept
pred1           disable         deny
proxy           disable         N/A
msext           disable         N/A
passwdauth      disable         N/A
utmp            enable          N/A

A detailed log was kept, but for obvious reasons isn't posted here.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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