Config for: ATI Mach64 Graphics Pro Turbo

Config for: ATI Mach64 Graphics Pro Turbo

Post by Jon Goldman EEC » Wed, 10 May 1995 04:00:00

Anybody out there have an X-config file that works with
an ATI Mach64 Graphics Pro Turbo card?

I have a CTX International monitor and 4MB Video RAM.

Thanks in advance.

-Jon Goldman


1. Problem: ATI Mach64 Graphics Turbo Pro 2Mb (PCI)


I don't have much success getting X running. I get a blank
screen when I start X.

Machine configuration:
1) ATI PCI Mach64 Graphics Turbo Pro with 2Mb RAM
2) Linux kernel version 1.2.1
3) XFree86 version 3.1.1

When I look at /proc/pci, this graphics adaptor is not there.
Running "dmesg" reports that "unknown PCI device". "scanpci"
reports that there is an ATI device.

Others say that it may due to the RAMDAC on the board. In DOS,
DAC type is set to "internal". I have no idea what kind RAMDAC
is on this particular adaptor.

I appreciate your help and advice. Thanks.

- Shiu K. Wong

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