Using different XDM/X colour depths

Using different XDM/X colour depths

Post by Corwin J. Gr » Sat, 08 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I started using XDM recently in conjunction with XBanner. Is there a
way to force XDM to start in 8bpp, yet start the X server in 16 bpp? I
have played with all the config files for both X and XDM. I can get
XDM to start in any depth I want, but it carries over to X once the
server launches.  I'm assuming this is becaues the Xserver is actually
running the XDM app. In short, what I want is this: XDM in 8bpp, X in
24bpp. Any ideas?

Corwin J. Grey


1. Using different colour depths in X

I figure this must be a fairly common question but I can't seem to find it in
the FAQs and HOWTOs.  I have a video card (Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM, 2Mb RAM)
which is capable of 24bit graphics at 800x600 resolution.  Is there any way of
starting the X server in this mode instead of the default 8bit mode, apart
from commenting out parts of the XF86Config file?  Also, is there any way to
switch between 24bit and 8bit without killing the X server?  Ideally, I'd like
to work in 8bit mode at 1280x1024 most of the time, and switch down to 800x600
and 24bits when I need true colour.


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