Xfree 86 with Redhat 5.1 on NEC Versa LX

Xfree 86 with Redhat 5.1 on NEC Versa LX

Post by Kai Hu » Thu, 06 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I'm having problems getting X to run on my notebook.  I've tried the
Mach64 X server with no success.  I can get an overlapping display if I
use the SVGA server??.  The notebook uses an ATI Rage Pro LT chipset.  I
am running Redhat 5.1.  Any help would be appreciated.

1. x.86 on a NEC Versa - installation question


I am trying to install x.86 Solaris on a NEC Versa (on their list of
known working hardware platforms) laptop.

I have a new 1 GB drive installed and the laptop has 20 MB of ram. I
have a SCSI card from Adaptec and it is installed in port one (the lower

It appears that when using the boot disk to start the program that
without card services running, I can not use the pcmcia scsi controller.
I must put the laptop into a docking station with a SCSI controller
there and then connect my CD drive to the controller.

Is this right or have I missed something somewhere?

Kevin Greene

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