suse 7.1+ riva tnt2

suse 7.1+ riva tnt2

Post by Taavi Hei » Thu, 14 Jun 2001 23:42:27

I installed suse 7.1 yesterday on my computer, but I have this strange
problem wit x -- it just dies after random intervals (10min. - 2hrs.), but
the problem is, it halts the entire computer (at least keyboard, mouse and
display). I downloaded the latest drivers from (drivers for
suse7.1), but that only got 3D working, the system still dies after random
intervals, what could be the problem?


Registered Linux user #209546
Registered Linux machine #97395

PS. computer conf:
Minitower ATX 230W + Powercom 330 VA UPS
Chaintech 6BTM-L

128MB RAM (2x64MB, 100MHz+133MHz)
Creative VideoBlaster RivaTNT M64 with 32MB videoRAM
Creative SoundBlaster 128PCI OEM
Genius GM56PCI-L fax/voice modem card (K56flex/v.90)
    (linmodem <smile>)
A-Corp PCI Ethernet
20GB Quantum Fireball HDD
10GB Quantum Fireball HDD
LG Studioworks 575N monitor
BTC Estonian layout (+W95 keys) PS2 keyboard
Logitech ps2 wheel mouse (M-S48a?)
Xerox XJ6C Color InkJet printer
Currently running:
Microsoft Windows 98SE
on 10GB HDD
and Caldera LinuxTechnologyPreview 2.4.2-modular
and SuSE 7.1 2.4
on 20GB HDD (125MB for swap, 9+G caldera:/, 9+G suse:/)
using loadlin too boot.


1. SuSe 7.2 makes SuSe 7.1 look like beta software and Mandrake 8 like alpha.

Hey guys I just finished installing SuSe 7.2 personal edition which I
picked up at CompUSA today. I got to say that even though I was a Mandrake
fan I am about to switch loyalties and become a SuSe fan. right now I don't
no where to start but everything about SuSe 7.2 just screams ready for
prime time. Installation was one of the slickest looking Linux  installs I
have every seen. It beats Mandrake hands down and makes windoze look very

SuSe 7.2 is fast and stable and every thing from my Creative Live Drive (
which Mandrake never ever detected ) to my NIC 3COM 3c905-TX card was
detected and worked from the start. I updated via SuSe's online update tool
which handled everything automaticly ( I was to lazy to do it manually )
and flawlessly.  Am happy to say that SuSe has won me over and M$ better
watch it's back because if other distro's start looking and acting like
SuSe then it's going to run into a lot of problems in upcoming years from

P.S. The only flaw I find with SuSe is that they make it very diffuclt find
and download the free version. Now am going to see if I can install this on
an old Packard Bell P5 200 mhz system I got laying around here somewhere.
Oh yeah here are my specs of my current system :

AMD 1.2 ghz cpu

Asus A7M 761 motherboard


64mb DDR-SDRAM LeadTek WinFast Geforce 2 GTS Pro card

Creative Sound Blaster X-Gamer sound card

Creative LiveDrive bay

3COM 3c905-TX NIC

IBM 75GXP  60gb hardrive

Maxtor Quantum FireBall 13.6 XL harddrive

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