Post by Mike Harris » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone have an example config file or know where where I can find
one for xpilots running linux.  I am running it on a 486dx66 if that helps.
Thanks for any help.

1. Linux & xpilot ???


does anyone knows the game xpilot for Linux (X-Windows) ??
I have it installed. But now I have problems to start it.
I have no connection to a network, but I want to play it with
robots. This should be possible.
Normally first I have to start the server with "xpilots".
Than I have to start one client with "xpilot". Linux wants
to have the hostname... ? What is this host name ??
Is it in normal case "softland" ??? (SLS-distribution)
Or does the host name depends on entries while installation
of linux ???

Could anyone tell me his parameters to start the server
("xpilots") and the client ("xpilot") ???

Thank you for any help...


                Andreas Gloege
        smail : Limesstr.28a, 81243 Muenchen, Germany, 089/870436


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