problems with 'ez'

problems with 'ez'

Post by Joe Novos » Sun, 14 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I have recently installed the latest version of 'ez', and I'm havng
problems with the display.  The cursor leaves 'trails' whenever it is
moved around.  
I'm using 3.1.2E S3, Diamond Stealth video vram 4mb.  I've tried at
all color depths and still the same problem.  
I would try xinside's server if I could get it from their ftp site, but
it is currently not accessable.



1. GNU 'ispell' not quite compatible with Andrew ez

I've noticed that when doing a spell check within Andrew EZ using GNU
ispell, the [A]ccept and [I]nsert options do not work... ez says that
they are unsupported by my version of Ispell.  Why is this so, and how
can I fix it?  It's annoying to not be able to add words to ispell's
dictionary.  I can do it by calling ispell from the command line, but
not from within ez...

BTW, I'm using the regular GNU ispell included with the Slackware 2.0
distribution (not the international version)...

thanks for your help,
-- alex

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