HELP: missing X file

HELP: missing X file

Post by Alexander A Dur » Mon, 01 May 1995 04:00:00

When I try and run emacs(I haven't run into this problem with
any other X program) I get the following error.

Cannot open load file: faces
X windows are not in use or not initialized

I used to be able to run emacs fine.  I have not upgraded
my X libraries to 1.3.1 yet, I am still using the one
which came with the Linux 1.0.9 distribution, with
kernel 1.2.0.  

Does anyone know what this 'face' file is?  Is it an
Emacs file or an X file.  Note: I have note had any other
problems with X.  I use fvwm, but it has the same problem
with the other window managers too.

Thanks for any help



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