More than 105 keys in X

More than 105 keys in X

Post by T.E.Dicke » Tue, 18 Nov 1997 04:00:00

: Hello,

: here I have this nifty Keyboard with features 17 additional function keys.
: All these keys send scancodes of the type e0xx. With some help from
: setkeycodes I can make the kernel recognize the keys and assign values to
: them which works flawlessly on the Linux console.
try xkeycaps - which is a program that has a database of many different
keyboard types.  It has an interactive editor for xmodmap, which you can
use to see which keys are generating events, and customize a script for
xmodmap to work around minor mapping problems.

Thomas E.*ey


1. 105 Key "Win 95" Keyboard and Linux


 I have one of those Win 95 Keyboards with three extra keys left and
right of the space bar. I have no idea what they're supposed to do,
but would be interested in assigning some useful functions to them
in Linux.
 Yet a small DOS program I've written shows that these keys do not seem
to generate any scancodes and also don't alter the modifier keys state.
Any idea how they could be accessed from Linux?



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