what is mode line input for 1186x862 in framebuffer console

what is mode line input for 1186x862 in framebuffer console

Post by Y Che » Wed, 03 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hello, there,
as title.
Thanks ahead.

1. Setting modes in framebuffer console

This question has probably been answered before, but anyway...

I've just started fiddling with the vesafb stuff in the 2.4.x kernels,
and have run into a problem...

It seems that no matter what I put into the lilo.conf
(at the moment: vga=0x315), the console switches *back* into the very
useless 80x30 lines, 640x480x60 Hz mode.

Is there anyway to get this to work w/out having to use fbset ?
fbset -g 800 600 800 600 8 -t 22272 40 24 15 9 144 12 -hsync high
gives me exactly what I want, but it is annoying having to su, run
that for every TTY...

Any advice ?
Can I put fbset somewhere in the startup sequence so that the above is
automatically loaded ?

Thanks in advance...
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