Help on Motif Vendor Selection

Help on Motif Vendor Selection

Post by Parasuraman P. Nura » Sat, 24 Dec 1994 02:51:33

I wish to purchase Motif development & runtime installation disks.
I currently know of two vendors MetroLink & ACC (SWIM). Both charge
$149. Could someone tell me which is better. Criteria:

1. Reliability / Quality (no bugs etc.).
2. Disk space requirement.
3. Tech Support.

If someone knows of other vendors who are better. Pl let me know.

Also does anyone know of a good Linux Motif Interface builder that can
generate code automatically. Something along the lines of XDesigner
TeleUse etc popular on Unix Workstations.

Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in adavance,

        Parasuraman P. Nurani (Parsu)
        phone # (313) 390-6308



1. Need help choosing a Motif vendor

Can anyone provide me with any reasons not to choose the least expensive version
of a Motif distribution?  All I want are the basics:

ELF shared and static libraries for 2.0
UIL compiler
man pages
regular demos stuff plus mwm

All the distributions so far pretty much meet these demands, yet they vary by as
much as $100 or more in price.  The more expensive ones like metrolink seem to
offer little more than printed user's guide(which I can live with only the
online version) and a promise of better quality(less bugs).  Are there many
major known problems with for instance SWiM, MoTeeth, or MooTiff.  Also, I
thought I read something about problems with Motif and gcc-2.7.0.  Do any such
compilation problems exist?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Hughes

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