STB Nitro PCI card...

STB Nitro PCI card...

Post by Myche'jae-B » Thu, 23 May 1996 04:00:00

Seems a good deal of traffic here; however, none of it about the STB
Nitro board.

I recently got a Gateway 2000 with one of these.  I went through
x86config, which was pretty much painless.

It asked me for the refresh rates of my monitor, which were easily
located in the manual that came with it.

It asked me for the board, and option number 132 happens to be the

I found out in (ug) Win95 that the board has 1M of VRAM.

So, it pops out a respectable config file, except that I had a few

Well, for one, the notes about the board said I should NOT set the
clock, so that wasn't an option to*up.

When I ran startx, it popped me up in 320x200 mode (256 color I
believe) with a virtual screen size of 1152x900.

What's more is, it wasn't interleaved properly; the screen was broken
up into very strange looking "pieces" of the screen, liney and such.
Note that it wasn't scrolling or drifting; the monitor set up was

So I comment out the virtual.  It comes up in a beautiful 320x200
screen, everything looks fine, except that it's 16 times bigger than
it should be.

No matter what I tried, I couldn't get it to come up in a bigger
resolution than that.

I did get some errors, startx gave me:

Unknown Cirrus chipset, type 0x2e, rev 0

and on boot-up I get

unrecognized PCI device, particulars:
PCI Vendor c
PCI Device b8
Bus 0, Device 0, Function 0, Host Bridge: Intel 82437FX Triton rev 2
Bus 0, Device 7, Function 0, ISA Bridge: Intel 82371FB rev 2

I thought they might be related, except for the rev numbers.  Who

Anyway, anyone run into this?  I checked XFree-86-HOWTO, and scanned
back 846 messages here looking for Nitro.

Thanks in advance for any pointers...

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