RH52 & XFree Problems with funky scrunched display

1. Problems - ATI Xpert@Play and XFree86

Using XF86Setup to generate XF86Config runs OK till it comes time to test
the configuration. Then it gives me nothing but hash and a blurred display,
regardless of the resolution/color depth. I've checked and re-checked, read
the README's, Release Notes, FAQ's. I'm not doing anything fancy - generic
101 keyboard, Logitech Marble FX trackball using PS/2 driver, any
resolution/color depth gratefully accepted. The Mach64 server is supposed to
work with this video card!!!
The only time anything affects the hash is if I set the options
"no_program_clocks", "no_bios_clocks", and "override_bios", then provide a
Modeline for standard 640x480 and a Clocks line. I get a stable and crisp
display now. However, what appears is 1/3 of the normal display repeated 3
times. Three vertical strips all containing the identical portion of the
display. But it's rock steady and as clear as a bell. If anyone out there
has one running, please help. Send XF86Config files, guesses, documents to
read, names. I really want to get this one running. BTW, this card works
beautifully under NT 4.0.
Thanks in advance,


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