RAM upgrade & new video card (Diamond)

RAM upgrade & new video card (Diamond)

Post by Justin Dobb » Sun, 05 May 1996 04:00:00

Hello all!

I'm giving upgrading my Packard Bell Force 106cdt
serious consideration.

I considered upgrading my RAM to 48 megs, but figured
that upgrading to 32 megs instead would save me
enough money to buy a new video card and mouse.  The
video card I have in mind is the Diamond Stealth 64
with 4 megs of VRAM.  Will 32 megs be enough with a
fairly low-traffic Web server and Xfree86, so that
swapspace is not needed?

Does the Diamond Stealth 64 w 4 megs of vram

20", so even 1024x768 (16 bpp) on the builtin CLGD5434
card is sluggish and large looking.  I tried running
Xfree at 8 bpp at 1280x1024, and the display was nice
but the lack of colors made netscape and mosaic's image
quality poor.  Is it possible to disable the builtin
video board on the PackardBell so that the Stealth
card may be used?

I might buy a Logitech mouse, too.  How are those
in terms of quality?

Thanks in advance!


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I currently have a Diamond Stealth Pro card up and running with
Xwindow and Linux. This card came with the machine before I knew about
Linux. I only have 1Mb of VRAM and am limited in the # of colors and
the resolution I can get under X.  I was considering upgrading the
VRAM, but at $150 for 1Mb,  I figure that I might as well get a new
card; one that will be supported in future releases for XFree86.

Current Configuration:

486DX2-66 with 20Mb RAM
generic IDE controler with 340Mb and 520Mb Maxtor Hard Drives
Future Domain SCSI Controller with 4X Plextor CD-ROM
MAG 17F monitor and Diamond Stealth Pro video card
The motherboard is ISA with 3VLB slots.
Digicom Scout 28.8 modem.

My 340Mb hard drive is my boot drive. It is partitioned for  100Mb
DOS, 100Mb OS/2, 128Mb Linux and 1Mb MBR - at the end.

I should be getting the new Slackware Pro release soon -
does anyone know if I will be able to use the CD-ROM and the IDE
drives? I copied everything onto the 540Mb hard drive and installed
Linux from there last time.

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