After backup/restore, Seyon fails?

After backup/restore, Seyon fails?

Post by Richard Krehbi » Sat, 18 Feb 1995 21:16:50

I decided to repartition my hard drive, so I backed up everything to
tape with tar, shuffled partitions, and restored it all.  The process
went well, and everything works, except one thing that I don't

When I sign in under a regular user account, Seyon fails to start with
a message saying I should check the permissions on my pseudo-terminals
"/dev/ttyp*" and /dev/ptyp*".  Prior to the wholesale backup and
restoral, this worked okay.  I tried changing all of /dev/{pt}typ* to
world-read-write and the problem persists.  Seyon works okay when I
sign in as root.  What's wrong here?  Thanks.

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I backup my system with the Dump command. The problem is, i can
start the restore but he always complains bad name to addentry

When i start restore with the opion -i and make a ls, i can see the
and the file i want to restore

restore > ls httpd
 434225 ./        446482 cgi-bin/  608301 htdocs/  1017881 include/
 266241 ../       434368 etc       743447 icons/    780463 users/
restore>cd httpd/htdocs
restore> add index.html
bad name to addentry ./usr/local/httpd/htdocs
abort? [yn]

Is there a bug in dump/restore ???? The size of the Filesystem is now
2,1 GB...
Is it possible, that dump/restore has a problem handling filesystems
greater 2 GB ???

Thanks for helping


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