Number 9 GXE Level 12 (S3928) problems

Number 9 GXE Level 12 (S3928) problems

Post by Daniel Louis Pott » Thu, 11 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hello all,

        I've recently obtained a Number Nine Level 12 card (S3923
chipset, Bt485 Ramdac, chipset driver mmio_928, 3072K ram) and I'm having a
few problems with >256 color modes.

I've gotten the 256 color modes to work acceptably. When I try to change
to 16bpp modes under 3.1.2D, the screen goes black, and if I'm lucky I
can get it back by switching consoles. Otherwise, I must CTRL-ALT-DEL out
of it. 3.1.2 does not have the lockup problem.

When I do managed to get into X with 16bpp or 32bpp mode (both do the
same thing), the screen appears as if each pixel was quadrupuled in the x
direction across the screen. In 32bpp mode the mouse is there (somewhat
stretched out) and everything looks ok except for that. In 16bpp mode,
the mouse doesn't even appear and it looks much worse.

I have tried both the nolinear and nomemaccess switches individually then
together (which causes it to just crash altogether) and they do not help
at all. I have tried #'ing out the line that says how much ram the card
has, and also tried reducing it to 2048 to see if the screwy amount was
making sometihng go wrong. Nothing helps..

I've tried it with 3.1.2 and 3.1.2D, it appears to basically the same
thing if it DOES start up.

I have bought this card to use these modes so I really need some help on
this. Please post any reply through EMAIL. If anyone has *ANY*
information pertinent to these problems, I really need it. Thanks!


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