Plug-ins not not seen by Gimp

Plug-ins not not seen by Gimp

Post by Zachary Bea » Wed, 19 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> When I right mouse click on an image (both selected and unselected), a
> four-headed arrow appears as opposed to a list of plug-ins (the predicted
> behavior according to Gimp documentation).  I have successfully opened
> and saved .gifs, which tells me that both the location of the plug-ins
> (in .gimprc) and the permissions of the filters are correctly set.

> Why can't I see any plug-ins?

     This is probably caused by an odd mapping of your mouse buttons.
You generally get the four-headed arrow when clicking the middle button.
If you have Emulate3Buttons using XFree86, clicking both buttons causes
the four headed arrow. Are you certain that X knows that your right
button is your third button?

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1. Gimp 0.60 and plug-ins...

I just compiled the Gimp 0.60, (which worked fine, except it had trouble
linking in the termcap library.  When I removed the -ltermcap, it compiled
just fine, no linker warnings/errors.  Other than that, a totally vanilla
install), and I can't get the plug-ins to work.

I can't find anywhere which lists the new pluginrc file format, and the gimp
just gives me an error something like "Querying add.."  and sits there.

Is there a sample pluginrc someone could send me/point me to?  Am I being
cursed for not linking in termcap?  (I don't think so, on this one.)  At any
rate, any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

- Peter


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