XFree86 3.2 Release Setup with RedHat 3.0.3

XFree86 3.2 Release Setup with RedHat 3.0.3

Post by Bhavesh Pat » Thu, 12 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi Folks,

I am using Linux RedHat 3.0.3 (kernel 1.2.13) with Xfree86 3.1. I have
a SVGA video card with trident chipset (TGUI9400cxi) and 1 MB RAM. I wanted
to upgrade the Xfree86 software to Release 3.2, for which I downloaded the
new Release Xfree86 3.2 from FTP site, followed the instruction for
installation in the Release file, made backup of the existing X11R6 and
installed the new X11R6. At this point I tried to use the XF86Setup utility

NOT selected any options provided (slow_dram, med_dram... etc - just wanted
to play safe). At this point I quit the X-window and restarted it. From this
point on (800x600 mode) I do not the same good performance I had with
Xree96 3.1. When I tried to move around the virtual window say in the
3rd quadrant (bottom left)(cartesian coordinate terminology) I see the bottom 1/4th of monitor not activated (black in color). Also when I try to move horizontally say in
1st quadrant (to the right) I see the image in 2nd quadrant (top left) getting
wrapped around and getting displayed in 1st quadrant(top right). To make it
worse when I quit the X-windows I see interlaced lines on the monitor, none
of the text is visible - appears as white patches. I restarted Xwindows and

I see the same problem of interlaced lines and white patches. Also the SVGA
complains of not supporting clock speed of 50.42khz for 800x600 mode - it
only supports 31.5khz. I wanted to use "true color" feature of the
trident chipset(TGUI9400Cxi), that is I wanted more color depth. Does
the new XF86SVGA for release3.2 support 16bpp for trident chipsetTGU9400CXi
 and if does in which mode -640x480? Can some GURU help me with the problem
I have encountered with release 3.2. Presently i have reverted back to using
3.1 release. I very much appreciate any help.