Logitec Mouse model #M-M34 problem

Logitec Mouse model #M-M34 problem

Post by dra.. » Mon, 07 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Any one out there have any ideas on how to get my Logitech mouse model #
M-M34 2 button mouse working on Slackware version 3.5 using kernel
2.0.33 - I have had this very same mouse running quite well on older
versions of Slackware and it runs fine with NT 4.0  so this is
perplexing to me.

I have tried removing the -R in rc.local for the gpm entry .. even have
tried killing the gpm process totally and restarting X and still no go
... I dont even get mouse movement outside of X with gpm running what
could be some possibilities here?

I have also gone through this newsgroup very throughly and read all of
the other mouse probs here and none apply to me that is the reason for
this post.

Thanks in advance :-)


1. DOSEMU: logitec mouse problems.

Hello there!

I have just installe the DOSEMU on my linux machine.
I seem to have problems getting my mouse to work.
Here is my /etc/dosemu.conf file:

#    If you are going to load a msdos mouse driver for mouse support
#      uncomment/modify one of the following
serial { mouse  com 1  device /dev/mouse }
#serial { mouse  com 2  device /dev/mouse }
#    What type is your mouse?  Uncomment one of the following.
#    Use the 'internaldriver' option to try Dosemu internaldriver.
#    Use the 'emulate3buttons' for 3button mice.
#mouse { microsoft }
#mouse { logitech }
#mouse { mmseries }
mouse { mouseman }
#mouse { hitachi }
#mouse { mousesystems }
#mouse { busmouse }
#mouse { ps2  device /dev/mouse internaldriver emulate3buttons }
#mouse { mousesystems device /dev/mouse internaldriver cleardtr }

I have mouse in XDOS, but in XDOS some programs crash.  When I run DOS
in a console the mouse does not work.
Any pointers?

PS: The mouse is the cordless mouseman.



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