Post by Chiniga Yugandha » Wed, 20 Dec 1995 04:00:00

        I am using olvwm as my window manager on linux 1.2.8, when I open up
the xconsole, It is not showing the messages, when it is supposed to.

Help please.....


1. xconsole won't display from openwin-init

Hi folks-

  I'm running a system which was once Slackware 1.1.1, but is now running
the 1.0 kernel, libc.so.4.5.21, but still has XFree 2.0.  I can start
xconsole from the command line and it comes up OK, but if I try to use
olwm's "save workspace" function, it gets written into .openwin-init, but
it doesn't start.  I noticed that it checked (in .openwin-init) whether it
was on /dev/console or not, so I took that part out, but it still won't
work.  Doing a ps shortly after login shows that it _is_ running, but the
window just doesn't display on the screen.  After a short while, the process
dies.  If I start it from an xterm once X is up and running, it works fine.
Any ideas?

Marc Fraioli          |         HAIL ANTS!

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