White screen of death on Presario 1700T/ATI Rage Pro Mobility

White screen of death on Presario 1700T/ATI Rage Pro Mobility

Post by Eric » Wed, 25 Apr 2001 20:39:17

Occasionally, the LCD display on my Presario notebook "dissolves" to a white
screen while running X.  The only recovery is to shut it if off for a while.
It seems this happens when the computer gets very hot as if the video card
is overheating (?).  But it has never happened under Windo$e.  Any ideas how
to prevent this?  Maybe sync rates that are too high or otherwise set

I am running xfree 4.02 (although the same happened under 3.x).  I have an
ATI Rage Pro Mobility with Mach64 chipset, and I selected the default Mach64
driver and settings when I (auto) configured X.

Thanks for any ideas,


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Has anybody had a problem with ATI 3D RAGE PRO LT video card with
occassional flashing white screen brought on when changing virtual
i.e CTRL-ALT-F1. My screen PRINCETON DPP560.

Also since this flashing screen (BTW, I have to re-boot the PC to cure
the flashing)
I get sometimes no kernal messages when linux boots i.e a blank screen
and then
I get the (Suse 7.0 professional) KDM manager. Sometimes even this
sometimes appears but the picture is dim.

Another thing even when I boot into Windows 95 I get a similar problem
with sometimes the screen being blank during startup.

So, any ideas on
1) the flashing screen?
2) if the video card or the monitor (screen) is at fault?



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