1280x1024 8bpp/ 1024x768 16bpp -Steath 64 VRAM, MAG DX17F

1280x1024 8bpp/ 1024x768 16bpp -Steath 64 VRAM, MAG DX17F

Post by Aamer Sachedin » Sun, 24 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hi there:

I am running X on a 486DX4 100 machine with the above video card and
monitor.  It runs beautifully in 1024x768 8bb.  

I have been getting an error recently about "cannot allocate default
colormap" and so I am looking into other modes.  The culprit application
seems to be  xv displaying a jpg on my root window.  I have run into 2

1. When I try to run in 1280x1024 8bpp (this is not to fix the colormap
problem) my mouse pointer looks all funny.  I can't do successful mouse
clicks any  more. ie. I point to a button and click and the system does
not respond.  I can hardly use the menus too.

2. I can't load up 1024x768 in 16bpp.  I have tried re-ordering the
modes in my XF86Config but no avail.  It always loads up in 8bpp.  If I
take out the 8 bpp mode entirely, the server complains about it and does
not start up.

Obviously this is  frustrating and I hope that it is not a hardware
limitiation as I tried really hard to find stuff that worked well with
Linux.  If someone is running a  similar set up to mine with better luck
with video modes I would appreciate you XF86Config file.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. E-mail is appreciated
Aamer Sachedina                         I'm LINUXED!!!



1280x1024 8bpp/ 1024x768 16bpp -Steath 64 VRAM, MAG DX17F

Post by Stefan » Tue, 26 Mar 1996 04:00:00

To start X-window in 16 bitplanes do:

        startx -- -bpp 16

If you have 2 Mb Video RAM you can run it in 1024x768 resolution.


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I am having trouble configuring my new Linux system and I cannot find any faqs
or anything to give me specific enough examples. I am new to Linux and XF86 and
I am not sure how to write an appropriate XF86Config file.

I am using a MAG DX17F monitor and a Diamond Stealth 64 Video VRAM 2MB PCI

If you can offer me advice and/or point me in the right direction, or even
offer me a fully written XF86Config I'd be eternally grateful.

Thanks much in advance,

Andrew Broadstone

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