XFree86 Window focus log for time tracking?

XFree86 Window focus log for time tracking?

Post by Sean O' » Sat, 19 Apr 2003 05:10:21

        Does anyone have pointers on how I can track window focus in XFree86? I
would like to track my window focus activity (ideally with gnome-terminal
dynamic titles, and somehow xemacs filenames...). My goal is to get a bit
more information for my time logs. Any help would be greatly appreciated,
even suggestions on a better way to systematically track what I am working

I am running Redhat 8 (will be switching to 9 real soon now). I've done some
upgrades, so I'm running
Kernel: 2.4.20-2.48
xscreensaver: 4.07-2

I've seen something in KDE which sounded right. It was a log file for any
focus change. Either I did not understand it correctly, or was missing
some functionality, because I could not get window names in the log.

I am guessing XFree86 could track window focus. If not then perhaps gnome
(or, if necessary, kde). Perhaps even xscreensaver (though I'm truly
reaching there).



1. Logging active window for time tracking purposes

Can anyone point me in the right direction for resources to monitor
'active windows' in X? I am hoping I can log when windows get and lose
focus, to aid in time tracking. KDE seems to have something like this, but
I could not get it to log anything other than the fact that focus changed.

Is this a standard XFree86 feature? Is there some configuration or logging
setting that will record window titles? I am most interested in term and
xemacs windows, which might also be able to have document names in the
title bar.

I would have thought this would already be addressed, but I have spent an
hour or so on google, and have not found anything useful (mostly just
focus policy stuff).


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