GREAT install for Linux

GREAT install for Linux

Post by Philip Ta » Fri, 10 Feb 1995 00:29:35

I just installed GREAT, but I'm having problems getting it to run.  The
desktop starts up just fine, the disk churns for a while, and then the
entire box hangs. I've double checked the install notes, tried changing
window managers, but to no avail. I really like the look of this package
Can any one help?

Environment: Slackware 1.2 (base plus some newer stuff)
             GREAT019 with static libraries
             8 meg real mem 32meg swap

                                            Any help appreciated,
                                             Phil Taft


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Hope someone can help.

I have now installed, after 2 days, Linux and I am pretty pleased with
myself. I have a few problems though.

How can I install further files off of CDROM. I don't even know where my
cdrom is situated. (sbpcd)

I use Compuserve to get onto the net, which goes thru windows. If I try
to download some Linux software, I cannot access it. I have installed
Linux on my d: drive, but this does not show up in windows.

I hope someone can help. I have not had a chance to play with this, but I
am very excited.....,  :-)

Thanks for ANY help

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