Stealth 32 PCI - when if ever ?

Stealth 32 PCI - when if ever ?

Post by Asad Kh » Thu, 23 Feb 1995 12:59:12

I have monitored this newsgroup for months, in the hope of getting
some indication of when, if ever, the card will be supported by
XFree-86. During this time, I have tried all posted tricks and
techniques to no avail. Apparently, people have gotten their VLB
cards to work, but as far as I know, nobody has had success (i.e.
reliable operation at a reasonable resolution viz. >= 800 x 600)
with the Stealth 32 PCI. And this despite the fact that readers of
this newsgroup have all been genuinely helpful and have tried to
provide me with their ideas and share their experiences.

What is frustrating is that I have not seen any postings from anybody
at XFree whether there are any plans to support this card or not.
Despite religiously following this group for the past couple of months
I have yet to see a post informing the world of what is in store for
XFree for the next release. (The last thing I saw was on 3.1.1).

So why haven't I just thrown out my Stealth 32 PCI and bought
a new supported card ? Because, firstly, I cannot afford it, and,
secondly Diamond's WWW server now has a tantalizing page baring
the*details of Stealth 32 programming ... I just wish I knew
one way or the other, so I could plan a course of action accordingly.

Perhaps I am not looking for information in the right places. If so,
could someone please set me right ... ?


Stealth 32 PCI - when if ever ?

Post by Nick Brut » Tue, 28 Feb 1995 19:53:35

I have a Diamond Stealth 32 PCI with 1 meg working OK.

Please email me for further details.



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        I was wondering if anyone with experience using XFree 3.1 and
Linux can help me out. I am running Linux 1.1.91 (I think) on a
Gateway 486-66 with 8Mg. I have a DEC VRT17-HA monitor (which I think
is really a Sony trinitron). I installed XFree3.1 and borrowed a
Stealth 32 Config file from someone who helped me out. He also gave me
the freq program which I guess is supposed to tune the clocks from the
video card. When I changed the Config file and started X (startx) the
monitor first blanked out, a bunch of dots appeared, then it flashed
and went back to console mode with an error being displayed that the
mouse was busy..(/dev/mouse busy??) I'm pretty sure the mouse is OK.
I have a PS/2 style mouse.

        Can anyone help me out?


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