help: philips monitor ATI rage pro

help: philips monitor ATI rage pro

Post by Pre-installed b » Tue, 10 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hello there,
could anyone help me with my X setup please?
I have been fiddling with xf86config, Xconfigurator for the last
2 days and am running out of ideas.
I have a 17" phillips 172321N/E which according to the
manual is meant to have the following preset  modes
Mode     Res                 H(KHz)                       V(Hz)
VGA       600x400         31.5                            70
VGA      640x480          31.5                             60
VGA      640x480          43.3                             85
SVGA    800x600         46.9                            75
SVGA    800x600         53.7                            85
EVGA    1024x768       60                               75
EVGA    1024x768       68.7                            85
                1280x1024    64                               60
The manual also says..
      The monitor automatically scans H frequencies from 30KHz-70KHz
      and V frequencies from 50Hz to 160Hz.
      In addition to the factory preset modes, the mnitor also provides
     additional 8 user defined modes.
     If the input video signal is defferent from our factory preset
     modes, the new timing data will be automatically stored.
     it also has 4 'new modes' in case non standard video modes are used.
the card I am using is meant to be an ATI Expert 98
with chipset: ATI rage pro.

metrox gave some weird error messages,
so I've been concentrating on XFree86.
I'm unsure of the driver I should be using,
and have tried several..
while experementing, I managed to get a low res (600x400) 8bit mode
working, using XF86_W32 driver. but this was pretty crap, and
some apps don't work at all (not enough depth)
while using Mach64, I got a higher resolution, but the first
third (left to right) of the screen was repeated in the 2 and 3rd thirds
of the screen.
Is there hope for me?
Ian Davies.


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