XFConfig86 for Spea v7-mirage VLB 1mb

XFConfig86 for Spea v7-mirage VLB 1mb

Post by Michael Cro » Tue, 14 Mar 1995 14:23:10

Has anyone got X working with this card on a standard 14in monitor?
I would be grateful if you could you mail me your config file.

Many thanks.

Michael Cross.


1. v7 spea mirage vlb

I have problems with my new SPEA V7 Mirage VLB graphics card with s3
86c805 chipset !!!!!! help !!!!!!!!

I have substituted my old and slow but proper working Tseng et4000 (it
was a dear). Behind the window display a young, cheap and fast
accelerated card looks tempting ----> SPEA V7 Mirage VLB with s3
86c805 chipset. But at home I feel disillusion.

I have a 486dx2-66 Motherboard (VLB) with 12MB memory (Linux 1.0.9,
XFree86-2.1). When I'm probing the card with "X -probeonly"  
(Clocks uncommended in Xconfig) I got the first two clocks, the
next 14 clocks were recognized incorrect. Instead I obtained funny numbers
like " 0.0 0.0 7.0 9.0 9.0 .....".

Then I have copied the clocks specified for this card from the
AccelerateCard file into my Xconfig file. My ModeDB stays unchanged,
because the clocks I have used for my et4000 card (with the same
monitor Vobis ms-1457) are also supported by the Spea Mirage. After
startig X (startx) only the Mode "680x480" (with clock 40.0) yields a
stable X picture, all other Modes doesn't work proper (fast running

Please help me !!!!!

Thanx a lot


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