Mach64 : a reply from ATI tech. support

Mach64 : a reply from ATI tech. support

Post by Herve MIGN » Wed, 15 Nov 1995 04:00:00

>Thus, the only options if you are trapped with an unsupported RAMDAC are
>1) Buy a new card, 2) Buy an Xserver that supports it, or 3) Wait.

Well, it seems that one will have to wait for a long time. I had
an email exchange with an ATI rep., because I DISgracefully and DIShonestly
(I admit :-() suggested that commercial and free Xserver distributors were not
equally treated by ATI (because of the availability of Xinside for Mach64).

It seems that ATI Mach64 with 264CT will not be supported soon.

Here is the answer I received :

:Dear Customer,
:Thank you for your interest in ATI and in support for ATI graphics
:products in the XFree server. As you may know, ATI does not directly
:support any form of X-Windows or UNIX for business reasons. Nevertheless,
:support for ATI graphics products is widespread and there are many
:satisfied customers using our products in a UNIX/X-Windows environment.
:This has been achieved via a strategy of providing extensive development
:support to UNIX and X-Windows vendors who in turn support our mutual
:This strategy has been more difficult to implement with the freeware
:platforms due to the relative lack of a centralized management and
:development organization. However, XFree Project, Inc has identified a
:primary developer to ATI whom we have supported. ATI has treated XFree
:equally with other X-Windows vendors. Since the beginning of 1995, we
:have provided 7 graphics cards valued at more than $2700, the latest
:technical documentation and in-depth technical support. For instance, a
:prototype card based on the mach64 264CT was shipped to the developer on
:June 7, 1995.
:Technical documentation for ATI products is readily available to anyone.
:The mach64 SDK can be ordered from ATI Customer Support for $50 plus
:shipping charges. However, we do not encourage individuals to modify
:accelerator graphics drivers. Development of register level graphics
:drivers is a highly specialized craft requiring an intimate understanding
:of the hardware and the architecture of the GUI. In fact, accelerator
:driver developers frequently gained their experience while working for
:graphics hardware manufacturers. Therefore ATI is only prepared to
:provide XFree driver development support to persons designated by XFree
:Project, Inc.
!:The developer has informed us that a new release is planned for the near
!:future which will contain support for some recent ATI hardware. However,
!:it is unlikely that that support for the 264CT will be included in this
:This is not intended to be a criticism of XFree Project, Inc or their
:developer. Indeed, he is very competent programmer who was formerly a
:graphics design team member of a well known minicomputer and engineering
:workstation vendor. He is doing this work part time while working on a
:doctorate degree. It would be unfair to compare XFree with commerial
:X-Server vendors who have full time staff dedicated to working with the
:latest hardware. Metro Link and X-Inside are companies whose livelihood
:partly depends on having the best and most timely support.

 Herve Mignot

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1. E-mail from ATI Tech Support / ATI TV `n Linux...

Message From ATI Tech. Support RE: Linux Support:
Rec. via e-mail on 2/24/1999

------------>8 Start
E-mail ---------------------------------------------------------


In response to your e-mail regarding TV TUNER support in Linux.

The following information regarding TV Tuner support and development
information is copied from the "Developer Relations" section of the ATI
Website. Please check there for the latest available information:

TV Tuner Development Information

A kit is now available for the development of software which utilizes the
video-in-a-window and the TV tuner functionality of the ATI-TV and
All-In-Wonder products. The kit is composed of documentation, a sample
application with source code and all necessary files to utilize ATI
proprietary, high-level extensions to our Video for Windows drivers (there
are no MCI drivers for capture functions). The kit supports Windows 3.1,
Windows 95 and Windows 98.

At this time, there is no support for Windows NT for the ATI TV Tuner, from
both an application and development standpoint. Should this change, there
will be an announcement on our web page.

There are no plans for ATI to develop similar drivers for additional
operating systems or to offer register level programming information for
third party driver development.

Video Input/Output - Operating Systems Supported

ATI manufactures products with either or both video output and video input
capabilities. Products with the video out feature contain the ATI ImpacTV2
chip. Products with video input capabilities can be a separate, add-in board
such as ATI TV or integrated in a single board with graphics such as the ATI
All-in-Wonder Pro. These features are supported solely in Microsoft Windows
95 and Windows 98.

There are no plans to extend support for these features to other operating
systems such as OS/2 or UNIX. We will not offer low-level programming
materials to individuals wishing to implement drivers to support such
features. Many of the features are implemented via third party chipsets with
development information which cannot be redistributed by ATI.

Software Developers who would like to obtain the SDK, or have any questions
regarding this information, should contact ATI Developer Relations, through
the "Developer's Lair" web pages (


-------------------------- End E-mail 8< --------------------------------

So.... get another card... :(


Who says we can't all get along? Bring `em over here... I'll show them
gettin` along!

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