Diamond Stealth 64 Dram PCI - NEC 4FG Monitor : XF86Config Please

Diamond Stealth 64 Dram PCI - NEC 4FG Monitor : XF86Config Please

Post by Mo Gre » Mon, 06 Feb 1995 14:55:42

Please Please Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email this to me If U have it , I'm starting to feel very suicidal indeed .


1. Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM PCI (Trio 64) and vgalib

        I have a Diamond Stealth 64DRAM, 2meg with the Trio64 chipset
(that's Diamond bios v2.0) and I'm running SVGAlib version 1.2.8 for the
Trio64.  I also used the normal SVGAlib version 1.2.8.  I have tried
changing the libvga.config between unspecified and S3.

        The problem is, my old graphics applications do not work - mpeg_vga,
vgamp, zgv.  If I run the application zgv, for instance, I get space fuzz.
When I escape, it doesn't return to the correct video mode - I get more
space fuzz (the clock is messed up).  SVGATextMode won't fix it them.
savetextmode does the same thing.  vgamp will show the mpeg and then escape
and give me space fuzz.

Other Weird Things:
        All these things did work under SlackWare 2.02 (I think.).  I just
switched to RedHat, which came with the new libs.

What might be wrong:
        I suspect that the clockchip on my videocard is getting screwed up.
I'm curious if anyone else has had this problem and was able to fix it.


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