VESA DPMS(GREEN) Support for MACH-64 Server? <ever>

VESA DPMS(GREEN) Support for MACH-64 Server? <ever>

Post by Robert Si » Sat, 03 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I just recently purchased a ATI Graphics Pro Turbo MACH-64 job with the
4M of dual ported RAM and all that business and was quite pleased to have
it install and come up on line under X very easily as opposed to my older
Diamond video card.  I have been able to get the server to extract all the
features that I wanted from the video card EXCEPT the green DPMS support.

I was quite surprised on load of X that I received this notice:

(**) Mach64: Option flag "power_saver" is not defined for this driver

Now perhaps I'm doing something wrong and this error is not as it appears,
or perhaps its truly not supported.  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions,
I would definitely appreciate it to the below address.


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