Trident 3D image AGP 975

Trident 3D image AGP 975

Post by ola » Tue, 15 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have the trident 3dimage 975 agp card.  i got the accelerated x server
from suse and the modified xf86config.  i set everything up correctly
but x always starts in 8 bit color in a resolution of 640x400.  if i
change XF86Config manually in a text editor x will start but the screen
will be messed up and black.  it is as if the x server doesnt even find
my card, hence
(--) SVGA: chipset: 3dimage975
and another
(--) SVGA: videoram: 4096 k

i dunno why it does this(I know it's not the monitor or graphic card),
any suggestions ??
i've tried to play around with XF86Config but the onlything that will
work is 8 bit color in a 640x400 window
does anyone else have any similar problems with the new suse xservers.


1. Trident 3D Image 975 AGP video cards

Does anyone have any experience with the above video card? I am running
Slackware 3.4 and download the latest version of XFree86 server (3.3.2).
Somehow, when I started up X server, display (monitor) goes blank except
in 640x480 resolution. At the beginning, I thought that that was
something wrong with the monitor then I used different monitor and it
behaves the same way.

Now my question is:
X server starts, but no display. Would that means the X server doesn't
support it or the video card has problem?

Thanks in advance.


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