clock speeds

clock speeds

Post by Joey Morri » Sat, 18 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I've just installed slackware Linux which came with xfree86 3.2. I have
a Diamond Stealth 3D model 3000 video card, which is giving me trouble
(blank screen when I start the X server and the system hangs). From
reading various newsgroups I've gotten the impression that version 3.2
doesn't support model 3000, but version 3.3.1 does. Does anyone know of
a way to get things to work properly under 3.2? If it helps, my monitor
is a 15" TTX model 7550.



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I'm running a 2.2.5-RELEASE fbsd box with a Cyrix 200 Mhz 6x86MX cpu,
at boot time the kernel tells me its a 166 Mhz chip (same
built a custom kernel and specified the correct chip type so I dont
why this kernel message is so...any ideas anyone ?


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