Vtwm and pixmaps?

Vtwm and pixmaps?

Post by D. J. Hawkey J » Sat, 04 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> I am using vtwm 5.4.4a and RedHat 5.1. I have a $HOME/.xsession file that
> starts up a few clients and then 'exec vtwm'.

You should upgrade to 5.4.4c. See

Quote:> How do I set the background (root window) to a certain .xpm file? I tried
> using the 'RealScreenPixmap', etc, but I got 'errors in vtwmrc file' in
> $HOME/.xsession-errors.

I use "standard" X utilities like 'xsetbg', 'xli', and 'xv'.
Unlike CTWM, VTWM's root window is the real root window.

Quote:> Also, can I dynamically change the background pixmap? How do I do this?

Certainly. Here's a snippet from one of my .vtwmrc files:


menu "SorayamaMenu"
        "  Sorayama  "        f.title
        "Bass"                        f.exec "xsetbg -grey -fillscreen /usr/local/pxflx/art/HajimeSorayama/hajime55.jpg &"
        "Boy and Dog" f.exec "xsetbg -grey -fillscreen /usr/local/pxflx/art/HajimeSorayama/hajime21.jpg &"
        "Engine"              f.exec "xsetbg -grey -fillscreen /usr/local/pxflx/art/HajimeSorayama/hajime23.jpg &"
        "Muskelunge"  f.exec "xsetbg -grey -fillscreen /usr/local/pxflx/art/HajimeSorayama/hajime56.jpg &"
        "Porpoise"            f.exec "xsetbg -grey -fillscreen /usr/local/pxflx/art/HajimeSorayama/hajime54.jpg &"
        "Shark"                       f.exec "xsetbg -grey -fillscreen /usr/local/pxflx/art/HajimeSorayama/hajime24.jpg &"
        "Surfer"              f.exec "xsetbg -grey -fillscreen /usr/local/pxflx/art/HajimeSorayama/hajime60.jpg &"



Quote:> Thanks,
> Vikas

You're Welcome,

PS, VTWM-5.4.5 will be released shortly after I get back from vacation.

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Vtwm and pixmaps?

Post by D. J. Hawkey J » Mon, 13 Jul 1998 04:00:00

> On Fri, 03 Jul 1998 12:59:42 GMT,

>>menu "SorayamaMenu"
>>  "  Sorayama  "  f.title
>>  "Bass"          f.exec "xsetbg -grey -fillscreen /usr/local/pxflx/art/HajimeSorayama/hajime55.jpg &"

> here is what I get when I try this: 'unknown or unsupported image type' and
> the root window is painted solid white.

> I am running the pre-installed xloadimage that comes with RH5.1 (Verion 5.1
> by Jim Frost).

> As soneone else suggested, I did 'xv -root -quit something.xpm' and it
> works great, but 'xsetbg' just seems like the Right Thing to do and I am
> curious why it is not working for me. 'xsetg -supported' does indeed tell
> me that 'XPM' is a supported image format. So whats the problem?

I dunno. Yours is the first notice of this made [to me].

It's only XPM formatted images that is a problem?

It seems as though your 'xsetbg' isn't a symlink (or some other mechanism)
to 'xloadimage'. Have you tried setting the background with 'xloadimage'

I sometimes use 'xv', too, for it's own set of options.

Quote:> Vikas

Sorry 'bout the delay. On vacation.

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