snes pad as pointing device

snes pad as pointing device

Post by Ellameno Pe » Thu, 30 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I've been trying with little luck to set up my snes pad as a pointing
device under X, using the XInput section of my XF86Config file.  If
anyone has had any luck with this I'd appreciate an email.   I have the
buttons working fine, but I can't get the minimum and maximum X and Y
values and the Delta value set correctly so the cursor just keeps
drifting all over the place and i have no control over it.  I think the
problem is that my minimum values should be negative but X will not
accept negative values for some reason.


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1. joystick 1.2.12 & SNES pad

I'm trying to get my SNES controller to work properly using kernel
2.0.36 and joystick driver 1.2.12 on a 96MB Dual Pentium.

Here's what I added in my /etc/rc.d/rc.modules

/sbin/insmod joystick
/sbin/insmod joy-console js_console=278,1

And this comes up at boot time

js: Version 1.2.12 using 120 MHz RDTSC timer.
js0: SNES pad at 0x116

And I created the devs using 'make devs' from the joy stick package, and
all the js? devs are set rw rw rw.

And I have my SNES pad properly wired to the parallel port.  Yet, when I
try to use the pad during any joystick aware programs, it's like its not
even hooked up.

Anyone have any ideas?
Please reply via email!

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