Building Emacs with Motif

Building Emacs with Motif

Post by <abrah.. » Wed, 22 Nov 1995 04:00:00

After a great deal of hassle, I've finally (with help from Metrolink,
RMS, and Cygnus) managed to build Emacs successfully with the
-with-motif option.  If anyone else tries this, you need to add at the
end of the file ./src/s/linux.h the line

  #define LIB_MOTIF -lXm -lXpm

I don't know if this correction will make it into Emacs 19.30, but it's
necessary for any earlier version of Emacs running under Linux, X, and
Motif.  (You can build Emacs without the motif option and not run into
the bug that I did, which causes a gcc fatal error.)

Paul Abrahams


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Failing this, can anyone suggest a free mosaic-looking widget set?

Please reply via email, I'll summarize.


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