Timetool settings change themselves

Timetool settings change themselves

Post by Opie » Sun, 20 Jun 1999 04:00:00

The time is on your bios...... you need to change it there....


  Red Hat 5, xf86 - I use the time tool to change the time - it is off by 7 hours, evidently thinking I am in Greenwich, England (I'm in the USA) - reboot, and the time has changed itself back.
  Where do I whack it to unstick this?
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Timetool settings change themselves

Post by hazzma » Sun, 20 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi Eric,
        Your questions are good ones. They have precise answers --the
sum of which is still inferior to a more general solution: get the 2$
RedHat 6.0 CD from Cheapbytes.com.

The clock. Like me and lots of other people, you accidentally configured
the system at install-time to interpret the motherboard RealTimeClock as
Greenwich mean time GMT (also UTC). I'm assuming windows knows what time
it is. If so, to change time on your RH5.0 system from GMT to localtime,
cd to /etc/sysconfig and edit /etc/sysconfig/clock. Substitute false for
true in the first line UTC=true. I don't know what the second line ARC=
actually means --probably it refers to a rtc that advances for daylight
savings time. After you change the time with timetool, the system will
retain the correct time across a reboot.

GUI filemanagement shell. Get KDE. To see the "file manager" available
to you right now in FVWM, type 'xfm &' in an xterm. Shiver. OK, ready to
get KDE? There are instructions for getting the basic rpm packages
appropriate to rh5.0 at kde.org . You will need the qt-1.42 library,
kdesupport, kdelibs, kdebase, kdeapplications, and the kde-installer.
Basically they have automated the installation with a script so that, I
believe, all that is required of you is to install qt, then run
"install-kde" and "use-kde" for your user-persona.

There are some important upgrades you *must* have before you try to
install the kde packages on RedHat 5.0. From the KDE readme at kde's
main ftp site:

 Red Hat 5.0 users need to obtain the libstdc++-2.8.0 RPM package
        from the Red Hat 5.2 (or 5.1) distribution, and install it on
        their Red Hat 5.0 system.  They will also need to upgrade their
        version of rpm to 2.5 or greater. (rpm-2.4.10 which was part of
        the original Red Hat 5.0 distribution will not work with these
        RPM packages).

        Get it from


        and install it:

          rpm -Uvh libstdc++-2.8.0-*.i386.rpm

(Actually they have it there on their own site. I include this upcoming
last bit for a reason apparent at the end of the excerpt)

     If you intend to compile KDE applications for your Red Hat 5.0
     system, you will also need to install the egcs-1.0.3a compiler from

     the Red Hat 5.2 distribution (or the egcs-1.0.2 compiler from Red
     Hat 5.1) on your Red Hat 5.0 system.  See the document at (garbled
html to text translation) for details (kdesupport installs it in

     If you are still using Red Hat 5.0 (Red Hat's first glibc release)
     you should seriously consider upgrading to Red Hat 5.2.

Apparently the egcs compiler included with RH5.0 is seriously whacked.
This (partly) is why you're better off getting the 6.0 cd. All of this
retrofitting can be done fairly easily, but it's still a chore with lots
of steps. Once you actually have KDE (or Gnome/e if you prefer that) it
will be trivial to add icons or to your desktop and to your menus. See
the excellent Kde or Gnome help browsers when you get there. (It's a
right-click, follow hints in menus, select icon by browsing kind of
thing) The desk window manager included with 5.0 and every version of RH
prior to 6.0 is fvwm-95, which I do not understand nor do I want to.
It's faster than either KDE or Gnome but...well..I don't need to tell
you what it' s like. Take heart, once you get KDE or Gnome/E day to day
life with Linux will become a lot more comfortable.

Now, I have not touched on installing Gnome, and I haven't even
mentioned WindowMaker. Someone else can field the Gnome install info.
I've never succeeded in building the damn thing. Fortunately for lamers
like me, Rh6.0 includes a precompiled Gnome plus Enlightenment, which it
will install perfectly for you if you answer "y" to the question do you
want to install GNome? Unfortunately, the KDE packages included on the
RH6.0 cd aren't the "final" release of KDE 1.1.1, and they go in places
other than /opt/kde --which is a little aggravating. If you want KDE on
Redhat, you may want to get Mandrake 6.0. It's redhat 6.0 plus KDE all
compiled for pentium or later processors, so maybe a little quicker if
you have a post-486 cpu.
Vive Le Spectacle!

> Red Hat 5, xf86 - I use the time tool to change the time - it is off
> by 7 hours, evidently thinking I am in Greenwich, England (I'm in the
> USA) - reboot, and the time has changed itself back.
> Where do I whack it to unstick this?

> --
> Vivez sans temps mort!
> (Live without dead time)
>         -Situationist International

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I'm thinking about upgrading to blueberry.. no, wait...tangerine, yeah


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