Problem with Toshiba Tecra 500cdt laptop

Problem with Toshiba Tecra 500cdt laptop

Post by Reza Sadr » Fri, 09 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I have a Toshiba laptop (Tecra 500CDT) that has a Chips-Technology  F65550
video adapter with 2MB Ram. I have installed X and everything is fine,
except when I open a high resolution picture or anything that needs a lot of
memory, screen goes off and I have to shutdown X.  Any suggestion that what
might cause the problem and how to solve it? please reply to




1. Toshiba Tecra 500CDT Video Problems

just installed Mandrake 7.2 on my Toshiba Tecra 500CDT.  All went well
except the X-Windows setup.  When I run "startx" it trys to start but then
fails with a message saying "Fatal server error: no screens found."  My
guess is that there is something missing to tell the system where to find
the screen but I'm not sure where.

Is there a way to edit the config to tell it where to find the screen if so
where/how do i do this.  Are there any special settings i need to get my
video system to work.  I'd like to be able to tun the laptop with all the
screen settings Win9x had if thats possible.

Also if anyone knows where to get Linux/Toshiba help it would really help.


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