xdm/chooser again

xdm/chooser again

Post by Darrell Ber » Thu, 01 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I've followed the Linux HOWTO and

c) added the remote host via xhost
b) removed the local server startup from Xservers
c) done a

      X -indirect localhost

to start it all up, after specifying


in Xaccess


This gives me a chooser displaying my remote host, but

- it doesn't display the local host as an entry
- when I select the remote host, it exits the chooser, then appears to
timeout (as  evidenced by a log xdm -debug 9 trace I can forward to anyone
who can follow it) and restarts the chooser

The other host is one I have successfully connected to using broadcast
mode in eXodus on my Mac, so i know it is, in principle, happy to do xdmcp

This is all X11R6 on Linux SlackWare 3.0...the remote machine is running IRIX

can anyone help? I must be just one step away from getting it to work...


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- lv

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