Accel-X 1.2 and Qvision 2000

Accel-X 1.2 and Qvision 2000

Post by Philippe Peeter » Wed, 24 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm running Accelerated-X 1.2 on a Compaq Deskpro XL566 (linux 1.3.59).
I'm having strange horizontal lines, 16 pixels long, at the left side of
the screen. Each line seems to be a copy of pixels at x=1024
(approximatively). This behavior only shows up at 1280x1024x256.
Everything is fine at lower resolution. I have a Qvision 172 monitor.
Does anybody has expereienced the same problem?
Otherwise, Accel-X is great, fast and easy to set up.

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I'm having a strange problem with Accel-X 1.2 and my Actix Ultra32-VLB
card (2meg).

I can run the card in all modes except 1280x1024...The card runs in 1280
but it produces a strange "sparkling" around graphics (especialy color
graphics like pixmaps).  Text and window frames are mostly unafected.

If anyone else has had this problem or knows of a solution I'd greatly
apreciate your advice.

Thanks in advance...


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