Mag DX17F w/Ati Mach64 - Need XF86Config

Mag DX17F w/Ati Mach64 - Need XF86Config

Post by Ary Geuvdjeli » Sat, 03 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have an Ati Mach64 PCI w/2MB VRAM and Mag DX17F monitor ....
Could someone please post/mail me a XF86Config file for this
or a similiar setup?

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1. Help: XF86Config for ATI Mach64 PCI & MAG DX17F

I've created XF86Configs for both Trident cards and S3 cards, but this time
nothing seems to work! The screen just goes blank and the only thing that
works is Ctrl+Alt+Del... :-(

Can someone help me with a XF86Config that works with the ATI Mach64?
My card is a ATI Graphics Ultra Pro Mach64 PCI with 2MB.

Thanks in advance.


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