X Term won't run with my graphics card!!!

X Term won't run with my graphics card!!!

Post by Kevin B. Maye » Tue, 13 May 1997 04:00:00

I have recently installed Read Hat Linux 4.0 (from a CD released in
October '96) along with X-Windows. The problem is though ,that X will
not run on my computer.
I have a ViewTop BP-S3Cx video card and an ADI?Microscan 4V monitor.The
video card is Trio64V2/DX compatible, yet in the Xconfigurator program I

have tried every different video card. They all give me an error
The message I get when I try to start X is as follows:

     S3: Unknown S3 chipset: chip_id=0x1e1 rev. 41
     *** None of the configured devices were detected ***
     Fatal server error:
     No Screens found

I would appreciate any help whatsoever!!!!
Thank you.

PS I am a very inexperienced user, so the more information you can
provide, the more greatful I will be. Thanks

Kevin Mayer


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I'm running the Slackware distribution of Linux & Xfree86 2.1.1
on a 486 using an ATI Graphics Wonder SVGA card (new cheap ATI card
that uses the Mach32 chip).

I can get X to start up fine, but if I then try to go back to
one of the other tty's, or if I quit out of X, the screen gets
all messed up and all I see are a bunch of short vertical lines
instead of text characters. I think the monitor is re-synching at
the proper rate, but the graphics mode is obviously wrong.

Any ideas? Is there somewhere I can configure what happens when the
system switches to a text screen? Is there some program I can run
to force the mode into a text mode?

Thanks in advance,

Daniel A. Segel

Daniel A. Segel, KD6NMT, DoD# 1007, T120V, R75/5, K75S
"MIT was after me, you know. Wanted me to rule the world for them."

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